Submission are accepted at all times.

We publish different formats:

  • Essay pieces: an essay or a short dissertation about a relevant subject (>1000 words)- we accept academic pieces of reflexion you’re proud of and would love to share as well as extra-curricular thinking on subjects that matter!
  • Opinion pieces: sort of like an essay, but shorter (<1000 words), and mainly reflecting your very own point of view. Let us know what YOU think in this wild wild world.
  • Interview pieces: is there anyone in the field of bioethics, global health or related that you find fascinating and would like to interview? Share that experience with us and our budding community. Include a short bio of your interviewee and a transcript of your conversation.
  • Discovery pieces: Attended a mind bending conference or exhibition? Read a book and loved it so much you want to share it with others? Whether it’s a book, conference, exhibition, podcast, movie, documentary or other that got you thinking, we want to hear about it! Share the great discoveries you made and help us foster an environment open to dialogue and conversations!
  • Writing Competitions:
    • There are currently no ongoing competitions–competitions will be advertised through our Facebook page and our newsletter.

To submit, email Title of e-mail should include format you choose, your name and that of the article e.g. “Portfolio Piece: Joe Adams: Triage Inequality in COVID-19”. Please send the article in a WORD format. Please also include a 2 line description of your background and interests, to be included at the beginning of the article once published! Any form of illustration will be greatly appreciated.

>> Effort to illustrate your submissions, whether through drawing or photography, will be appreciated <<

Remember, we’re open to conversation. If you have a project idea/ new format type to suggest, get in touch at We look forwards to hearing from you!