Policy Work

We seek to provide opportunities for UCL students to partake in policy research, communication, and advocacy, and we are excited to begin our work in this area during this coming 2020-21 academic year.

Our policy work will be structured by groups whose efforts will centre around a chosen topic every term. We are not currently looking for students to join teams. Stay tuned to find out about our next opportunities.

Three projects will be led this term:

  • Project 1: Topic: Look into the care of pregnant incarcerated expectant mothers, and potentially their children’s outcome. Aim: complete a literature review of the available data and possibly acquire more, ideally to culminate in the publication a paper. Collected data could then inform policy changes.  Led by: Ishaan, 3rd year medical student ishaan.lal.18@ucl.ac.uk
  • Project 2: Topic: Improving the continuity of healthcare for homeless patients. Aim: research piece and policy brief aiming to facilitate GP registration and access, as well as increase the awareness among GP practices about registering homeless patients.  Led by: Valeriya, 5th year medical student valeriya.kopanitsa.16@ucl.ac.uk
  • Project 3: Topic: Biotechnology and gene editing: Should we use biotechnology to revive extinct species? Or to save endangered ones? Should we modify the genome of mosquitos so that they cannot pass on malaria anymore? We are now raising cows and goats producing pharmaceuticals in their milk, how to avoid the pitfalls of factory farming in this new industry? Exact subject tbc with team. Aim: Conduct a policy oriented research project, culminating in a publication, contributing to the debates about the risk and potential of gene editing. Led by: Agathe, 4th year Arts and Sciences student, agathe.hellich.17@ucl.ac.uk

Find out more about our current opportunities if you would like to collaborate with us.