Policy Work:

Our policy work is structured around working groups, made up of Working Group Members who are led by a Working Group Director.

Applications to form your own working group in Term 2 have now closed. Recruitment for our term 2 Working Group Members will begin shortly. Details about project topics and the application process will be share on our Positions page.

Publication Team:

We have a committed publication team of editors and writers who manage the publication, supporting our policy work and submissions.

We are currently recruiting Staff Writers — find out more on our Positions page.


Submission are welcome at all times. The editors will work with you to review your piece and fine-tune it for publication. Find out more about our formats and how to submit on our Submissions page.

Remember, we’re open to conversation. If you have a project idea/ new format type to suggest, get in touch at submissions@thinkbloomsbury.org. We look forwards to hearing from you!

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