Competition: Black History Month Writing Competition

We’re proud to announce that our first writing competition has started! This month, we invite students to consider the role of BAME communities in STEM fields. Check out the following pictures for more details! We look forward to your submissions!

Policy Work:

Recruitment for our policy projects has now concluded. We encourage those who are interested to contribute to our work by submitting pieces, and to look out for further opportunities to join new projects in Term 2!


Submission are accepted at all times.

We publish different formats:

  • Portfolio pieces: sort of like an essay or a short dissertation about a relevant subject (>1000 words)- we all have academic pieces of reflexion we’re proud of and would have loved to share, here’s the space for that now.
  • Opinion pieces: sort of like an essay, but shorter (<1000 words), and mainly reflecting your very own point of view. Let us know what YOU think in this wild wild world.
  • Interview pieces: is there anyone in the field of bioethics, global health or related that you find fascinating and would like to interview? Share that experience with us and our budding community. Include a short bio of your interviewee and a transcript of your conversation.
  • Discovery pieces: Attended a mind bending conference or exhibition? Read a book and loved it so much you want to share it with others? Whether it’s a book, conference, exhibition, podcast, movie, documentary or other that got you thinking, we want to hear about it! Share the great discoveries you made and help us foster an environment open to dialogue and conversations!
  • Writing Competitions:
    • Ongoing: Black History Month Writing Competition

To submit, email submissions@thinkbloomsbury.org. Title of e-mail should include format you choose, your name and that of the article e.g. “Portfolio Piece: Joe Adams: Triage Inequality in COVID-19”. Please send the article in a WORD format. Please also include a 2 line description of your background and interest, to be included at the beginning of the article once published! Any form of illustration will be greatly appreciated.

Remember, we’re open to conversation. If you have a project idea/ new format type to suggest, get in touch at submissions@thinkbloomsbury.org. We look forwards to hearing from you!

>> Effort to illustrate your submissions, whether through drawing or photography, will be appreciated <<

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