The Ethics of Human Cloning

By Zara Hamzah Sendut. A Brief Background on Cloning Following the first successful cloning of Dolly the Sheep in 1996, serious ethical concerns have been raised regarding the future possibility of human reproductive cloning. In 2005, the United Nations adopted its Declaration on Human Cloning to inhibit further pursuit of its development, briefly stating that … Continue reading The Ethics of Human Cloning

How “Evidence-Based” Medicine made us believe that Love was a Drug

By Celia Esteban Serna. Already in the 90s, people began to insist on, not without naivety, the need to “change the paradigm” from  “experience-based medicine” to “evidence-based medicine”, in an endeavour to improve the quality of medical attention, and reduce the misuse of medical resources and workforce (Muckart & Malbrain, 2017). But what happens when … Continue reading How “Evidence-Based” Medicine made us believe that Love was a Drug

COVID-19 Triage — Widening Health Inequalities?

By Blanca Sanz-Magallón. There have been many concerns regarding the discriminatory effects of triage frameworks. Are these well-founded? Is triage discriminatory? Patients with disabilities have more complex health requirements and a higher propensity to poor health. Despite this, they have less access to healthcare services, and tend to receive substandard care compared to the general population (1). … Continue reading COVID-19 Triage — Widening Health Inequalities?

COVID-19 Triage Guidelines — The Moral Support Doctors Need?

Good doctors make the care of their patients their first concern…They treat each patient as an individual. They do their best to make sure all patients receive good care and treatment that will support them to live as well as possible, whatever their illness or disability.GMC, Good Medical Practice Healthcare professionals are trained to be … Continue reading COVID-19 Triage Guidelines — The Moral Support Doctors Need?