Young People and Ethical Mental Health Interventions

By Blanca. On November 23rd, we were honoured to host Dr. Gabriela Pavarini, from the Neuroscience, Ethics, and Society Research Group (NEUROSEC) at the University of Oxford. The event was a unique opportunity to discuss the role young people play in the development of mental health interventions and policy, and how the cutting-edge research carried … Continue reading Young People and Ethical Mental Health Interventions

The Ethics of Human Cloning

By Zara Hamzah Sendut. A Brief Background on Cloning Following the first successful cloning of Dolly the Sheep in 1996, serious ethical concerns have been raised regarding the future possibility of human reproductive cloning. In 2005, the United Nations adopted its Declaration on Human Cloning to inhibit further pursuit of its development, briefly stating that … Continue reading The Ethics of Human Cloning